The Highest Rated Cards in FIFA 17

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With FIFA 17 set to drop in stores late September, we now reveal one of the biggest draw-dropping stats for the new release – the highest rated cards in the game. Gamers have been eager to get a sneak peak at FIFA 17 player ratings. We currently have some insight into the potential ratings for the top three players in FIFA 17.

We understand that Messi, Ronaldo and Luis Suarez will have the highest rated cards in the game. These are going to be the three players that everyone look at, with the inevitable debate about to happen again on if Ronaldo should have a higher rating than Messi for FIFA 17. Now you can buy fifa 17 ps3 coins at with a low price and instant delivery.

It’s worth pointing out that Messi’s contract with EA appears to have run out, which is why we see four new stars being promoted with the game launch – Rodriguez, Martial, Reus and Eden Hazard.

Will this have a bearing on his FIFA 17 rating though? According to YouTuber Fuji who has come up with these nice designs as well as rating, Messi will once again be 94 rated in FIFA 17.

Staying on the fence, we also see Ronaldo’s rating in FIFA 17 at 94 as well, which is a +1 upgrade from his FIFA 16 rating which we can definitely see happening.

The big one though is Luis Suarez who is undoubtedly going to get a massive upgrade after an amazing season with Barcelona. Suarez shipped with a 90 rating in FIFA 16, but in this prediction we see a 92 rating which would be nice if it happened.

FIFA 17: TOTY Neymar is Perfect in This Game

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Now that we're nearing the end of this FIFAs cycle, I feel like I should recommend this card now that a lot more people have the fifa coins to afford him. He's sitting at around 850-900k on Xbox, which is an absolute bargain compared to the other TOTY attackers. I played him at striker in a 4-1-2-1-2 (2) with either messi at ST and Suarez at CAM or Suarez at ST and TIF/TOTY Iniesta at CAM.

Pace 10/10
His 99 acceleration gives him the upper edge on every defender if you play it right. He can take those big touches to get inside from the wing and actually make it to the ball before the defender. Never gets caught when thru onto goal. Incredible speed coming out of his skill moves.

Shooting 9.5/10
He misses like one shot every 50 games for me. His finesses are amazing. So many top bins. And his power shots are great too. Long shots are the only reason he gets a 9.5, but honestly, if you're taking long shots with him, you're doing it wrong. He can dribble past anyone and finish it easily, so no reason to spam longshots.

Passing 9.5/10
He has the stats of the best playmakers in the game and they do not disappoint. Great for setting either wingers or his strike partner thru on goal. Hardly ever a misplaced pass.

Dribbling 10/10
Best dribbler in the game. His size and stats fit perfectly together to make him the most silky smooth dribbler in the game. The ball sticks to his feat and no touch dribbling with him is magical. 5 skill moves give you a plethora of options on beating defenders, but they are not needed in the slightest. It's more of a style option.

Defending 8/10
Was actually surprised at how well he was at getting back. His speed let him catch up to people in an instant if I turned the ball over. Lots of counter attacking opportunities were made with Neymar getting back and stealing the ball quickly.

Physical 8.5/10
99 stamina is amazing, and while his strength is only 56, he was very rarely pushed off the ball. His acceleration played a big part in that.

Overall 10/10
He is the perfect player for this game. Quick and agile both on and off the ball and a lethal finisher. The only player I've considered giving a review on because of how good he is.

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Guides to Build A FIFA Ultimate Team

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As Ronaldo and Messi walk side by side onto the pitch, you already know that the next 90 minutes will require solid possession and defense. Not all teams need to have those type of top tier players to be successful. There are teams used in competitive matches that only use lower skill football players to obtain a victory. Most of what goes into having a consistent winning Ultimate Team is the Formation being used, the actual players themselves, and the way the team plays on the pitch.

The first step to finding success on the pitch is choosing a proper formation. These formations are broken down mainly on how many defenders are in the formation. The first number in a formation is the amount of defenders in the formation. Now you can buy fifa 17 coins at with a low price and instant delivery

There are certain positions that will have more successful players based on their personal statistics. Players do matter to an extent. For the attacking positions, choose a player who has at least 80 pace, 80 dribbling, and 75 shooting. Neymar, Benzema, and Bale are all solid forwards who can achieve greatness up top. For the central midfielders, choose 2 that have over 65 in all 5 major stats aside from pace. The pace of a CM is not important as the ball will mostly be passed along rather than moved up by the CM. Enzo Perez and Luka Modric are both midfielders who can play offensively and defensively. For the CDM, choose a player who has more than 80 defending and physical along with 70+ passing. Sergio Busquetes is the perfect CDM for this team. Choose defenders who have above 70 in pace, 80 in defending, and 75 in physical. A solid back line consists of Marcelo, Godin, Sergio Ramos, and Carvajal. As for the GK position, any gold goalkeeper will do, so choose any 82+ overall rated GK. Cladio Bravo works well with this team. Now that the team is put together, it is time to decide how it will play.

Playstyle is important to choose after the team has been decided. It changes how players will make runs on and off the ball, as well as how far back defenders will sit waiting for the opposing team to attack. The three major styles of play in FIFA are counter-attacking, high pressure, and possession. Remembering what kind of team has been built, possession is the best choice out of the three. This will allow the team to keep the ball for longer periods of time than the opposing team.

So long as a solid formation is chosen, proper players are assigned to their positions, and a style of play that fits, success in creating a good FIFA Ultimate Team shall be achieved. There is still the skill of the actual player that wins games, but there is no clear cut way to become better at FIFA. Playing more games will help as practice makes perfect. This team should be able to take on most FIFA players though, resulting in a good time beating opponents.