How to Make Coins in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team?

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FIFA 17 is coming, we thought to give some tips to those who are about to start their new Ultimate Team journey. We’ve detailed several trading methods in our FIFA 17 Web App Webstart Guide, but to summarise and add to the list. Be careful of your fifa 17 account especially when you buy fifa coins at some unreliable website, while is a reliable online shop that can make sure the game's security.

59th Minute Method

This method will be even more effective during the early phases of FUT. Scroll to the 59th minute using your preferred filters and instantly snipe any bargains you see on a buy now. Be quick as the best deals often go really quick.

BIN Sniping

If you know of a popular card such as Renato Sanches, which is listed in high volume, try and BIN Snipe them. BIN Sniping is where you rapidly change the price to return listing results. You’ve obviously set the max buy now well below what the player sells for so 99% of the time you will get no listing results. However, when an item appears it means someone’s listed him really cheap, meaning you should purchase him INSTANTLY!

Mass Bidding

Work out a profitable bid price on an item and then bid on as many of that item as possible at your max price, up until 1 hour. Wait and see what percentage of auctions you win. The items you do purchase, instantly resell on for a small profit. If you have increased your transfer and targets lists then you can really up the efficiency of this method!

The Bronze Pack Method

Effective as always. It works on the principle that you can eventually sell the contents of 400 coins bronze packs for more than 400 coins. Patience is the key here. Continuously re-list at 1 hour cycles.

BPL Bronze Players

Even Bronze BPL players will sell well to begin with. With this in mind you can look to BIN Snipe or 59th minute the more expensive players, or mass bid on the cheaper players.

Rare Silvers

Probably the one quality of players that FIFA 17 Ultimate Team players list without double checking the Transfer Market. There are many rare silver players which go for thousands and simply go under the radar. Yes, they’ll often have a higher price range, but many players just list them up for their min, or cheap on a Buy Now. It’s your job to take note of these items and monitor their listings. 5 star skillers, or fast players are usually the expensive players.

Player performances

Investing in player performances has consistently worked INCREDIBLY well for us. We’ve made millions of coins from it year after year. You’ll want to focus on the most popular leagues and preferably televised games. The Barclay’s Premier League will be in full swing by the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team launch date and will be watched by millions. If a player is performing well (especially if the game’s televised), then it’s worth investing and selling while he is hyped. Hype bubbles come and go and can result in easy profits. The best example of this was Adnan Januzaj’s debut against Sunderland, scoring 2 goals. Admittedly this was in an era of no prices ranges, but he went from a few thousand coins, to over 100k in the space of 1 hour!

Let your friends know about the best way for them to start their FIFA 17 Ultimate Team! It’s wise to do things properly, otherwise you can spend the whole year scraping around for a half decent team. Put a strategy in place early on, build coins and you’ll afford in-forms in no time!

FIFA 17 Henrik Mkhitaryan Rating

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It's time to look at another potential FIFA 17 player rating now and it's a big one with Henrik Mkhitaryan. The Dortmund winger had been rumored to be joining Manchester United, but now MUFC appears to have confirmed the transfer by accidentally selling shirts with his name on via the official shop. By the way, be careful of your fifa 17 account especially when you buying fifa coins at some unreliable website, while is a reliable online shop that can make sure the game's security.

The club have now realised their error and you can no longer do this, but not before screenshots were taken showing the mistake and paraded all over social media for the world to see.

Mkhitaryan has had an amazing season at Dortmund and we have a feeling that EA may give him one of the biggest FIFA 16-17 upgrades that we'll see once FIFA 17 launches.

On FIFA 16 FUT, he shipped with an 81 rating, but this was then upgraded to an 83 during the Winter Upgrades. Due to his performances, he then earned himself an amazing 90 rated card by being featured in the Bundesliga TOTS.

We have seen on social media that some fans want to see Mkhitaryan rated at either 85 or 86 for FIFA 17. This could be a little too high though in our opinion given that EA are usually very stingy on handing out higher upgrades.

Perhaps an 84 would be a fair result, so let's see what happens. Mkhitaryan and Ibrahimovic BPL chemistry links at Man Utd next season, who would have thought it?

Details about FIFA 17 Companion App

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FIFA 17 Web App have already announced the release date, many of you may want to know more about the FIFA 17 Companion App. You’ll be able to stay connected to FIFA Ultimate Team on the move via your IOS, Android or your Windows Phone device when downloading the FIFA 17 Companion App. In this updated guide we’ll take you through the release date and all of your frequently asked questions. Now you can buy fifa coins at with a low price and instant delivery.

FIFA 17 Companion App

The EA Sports FIFA 17 Companion App for IOS, Android and Windows Phone enables you to manage your FUT 17 account from anywhere in the world, providing you are connected to the internet. Whether you’re playing FIFA 17 for the Xbox One, 360, Playstation 4, PS3 or PC, you can access the FUT Transfer Market, build your squads, purchase FIFA packs or start a FUT Draft right from your handheld device. That won’t be all though, more features will be confirmed very soon!

Release Date

Historically the FUT Companion App launches at the same time as the FUT Web App. Therefore, as previously mentioned in our FIFA 17 Web App article, you can expect the FIFA 17 Companion App to launch around Sunday, September 18th, 12am UK.


Find an updated listed of all your frequently asked questions below. As more details emerge we’ll add in more questions.

What’s the difference between FIFA 17 Mobile and the FIFA 17 Companion App?

FIFA 17 Mobile allows you to actually play FIFA 17 without the use of a console. In contrast, the FIFA 17 Companion App is where you can access certain aspects of FIFA Ultimate Team, which are otherwise available directly on your console. FIFA 17 Mobile has a completely separate market and promotions to that of the console. Therefore most users play from their console and manage from their phone.

Can I add my friends via the FIFA 17 Companion App?

You’ll need to add your friends via the console or PC first.

How much does the FIFA 17 Companion App cost?

The app is free. However, opening FUT packs via the app will cost you FIFA points or coins.

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