FIFA 17 Leagues & Teams FAQ

posted on 18 Jul 2016 14:15 by fifa17 in News

Today Let's talk about FIFA 17 Leagues and teams, I will ask some questions and answer them first. If you have any other questions, just write them below. If not, welcome to our site, maybe you can find some free fifa 17 coins. Now let's go!

Will all players from each team be included in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team?

Perhaps not initially, though EA have made steps to rectify this. Take Marcus Rashford and Renato Sanches as examples, both players made a huge impact on the domestic and international stage, yet were not included in FUT 16. We have seen EA add players to the FUT database after the release of the game, so we know it can be done. We expect new players to be added throughout the year in FUT 17.

When will new FIFA 17 leagues & teams be confirmed?

New FIFA 17 leagues & teams will be confirmed as and when licensing agreements are made before the release. We have already seen this with the confirmation of the FIFA 17 J League on June 24th 2016. We may see more announcements at Gamescom 2016.

Will any new FIFA 17 teams be added, but not their league?

This is possible, particularly with European leagues. An example of this is when Shakhtar Donetsk was included and not the Ukrainian Premier League. These teams will likely be included in the Rest of World league.

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