FIFA 17: Sprint Speed Test Method

posted on 06 Jul 2016 12:58 by fifa17 in Tips

I know the video is really short and shitty. But please bare with me. I think we could have a really good way to test a physical stat other than Agility. By the way, you can buy fifa 17 xbox one coins at with a low price and instant delivery.

Testing if player height has any effect in Sprint Speed.

Test setup:

Platform: PC.
Gamemode: Kick-off, 2 players.
Player tested: Custom Created "Adam Special"
Every stat set to 1 except 2.
Acceleration = 99.
Sprint Speed = 99.

I measure how many tiles the player travels in 2 seconds after he accelerated to full speed.

Top half of the screen Adam is 4'11'' tall (Minimum possible Height).

Bottom half, Adam is 7'1'' (Maximum possible height).


The idea is to create a method to test Sprint Speed as accurately as possible.
By measuring distance travelled in a set amount of seconds we can rule out a lot of human error.

This test only measures Sprint Speed. Not Acceleration.

The quality of the video should be enough to count the amount of grass tiles travelled if you slow down the video to 0.25.

Sprint speed test goals:

Editing the player with different stats we can see if other stats influence in the player's final speed.

With a more precise setup we can measure as much as a 1 point difference in Sprint Speed.

Once other stats are proven to not affect sprint speed, we can measure players in FUT to test how much chemistry boosts increase sprint speed.


In both scenarios, Adam Special travels exactly the same distance, thus proving that height doesn't affect Sprint Speed.